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Did you know that ageing has only started being studied a century ago? Before, we didn’t even look into this phenomenon even though it is an integral part of our lives. That is why the standard of living and life expectancy has seen an increase in the past hundred years.

What information do we have on ageing?

The first thing that was learnt was that everyone ages differently. This is because our bodies and systems are unique and so ageing takes a toll on different people in different ways. There is also a noticeable difference between the world healthspan and lifespan as they are not the same thing.

The difference between healthspan and lifespan

Of course, lifespan is the number of years we live. However, just because our years have increased over the century does it mean all those years are healthy? Well, not necessarily. You can live for many years and still not be healthy. This is where the concept of healthspan comes to life.

It means how many healthy and quality years can be added to someone’s life. Ask yourself this: What is the point of having a long life if those extra years are not healthy and you can’t enjoy them?

Truth is if your healthspan is less your ageing process can take an unhealthy toll on you. So, how can we add healthy years to our lives?

Increasing healthspan

There are definitely ways you can make the process of ageing into your own hands and increase your healthspan. Here are a few indicators that can boost this:


Research has been done on healthspan over the years and it has shown that mobility is the biggest factor when it comes to increasing healthspan. This does not mean to exercise intensely or do a lot of strength training.

It simply means to incorporate some movement in your life. This can be any sort of physical activity, no matter how small. Just get off the couch and move!


This impacts your perception of movement and is one of the key indicators of healthspan. If you have a declined balance then it means you won’t be very confident in your movement. Did you know that even just the fear of falling can increase your chances of falling?

This is because the less confidence we have in our ability to balance, the more likely it is it will happen. Take steps daily to improve your balance.

Speed of walking

Walking is not just about stamina and strength it is also about how good of co-ordination you have. This is why if your speed of walking is slow then that means you need to work on this movement.

Studies have shown that people who walk less are admitted to the hospital again after their initial hospitalisation. This is why you should walk as regularly as you can.

Ability to sit on and get up from the floor

Ever have trouble getting off the floor without the use of your hands or anyone’s help? If you answered yes, then that means you have limited floor mobility which is also an indicator of a low healthspan. To improve this, sit on the floor every day for a while and practice getting up without using your hands.


Mobility is the key to a high healthspan and these ways will improve it significantly. A positive result of this? Well, you will have no problems ageing and won’t need to depend on anyone to move!

Furkan Sharif
Furkan Sharif

Furkan is the founder of Britannia Mobility. He has over 12 years experience of working in the mobility aids sector, and is passionate about researching ways in which people can live longer and more independently own their own homes.

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