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A stairlift is an automatic mechanical lifting platform that is attached to stairs using a rail. It serves the purpose of acting as a transportation device for those who may have mobility issues or for those who may generally struggle with climbing stairs. So, whether you are looking to install a stairlift for yourself or for someone you know, here is a list of things that are essential for you to look for before getting a stairlift. 

Types Of Staircases

It is highly unlikely that every single house has a staircase that goes straight. Therefore, you need to make a purchase that is according to the type of staircase you have in your house, that is, curved or straight. Stairlifts are commonly made for straight staircases however; many stairlift companies manufacture specialized stairlifts that are able to change directions in order to cater to those with curved or rounded staircases in their house. Thus, it is important to make sure that the stairlift you are purchasing caters to the type and shape of the staircase that you have.

Stair Size 

The size of your stairs plays an essential role in the decision-making process, as the size of your stairs, specifically the width, angle and gradient will determine the size of your stairlift. There needs to be enough space between the user’s knees and the opposite railing, for it to be a comfortable lift. If your staircase is not wide enough for a comfortable stairlift ride, there are multiple stairlift companies that manufacture standing stairlifts.

Comfortability Of The Stairlift

Medical conditions that lead to mobility issues are innately tough to handle, which is why it is important to purchase a stairlift that is comfortable to sit on. For those users who may have difficulty in bending their knees, a standing stairlift is a top choice. Therefore, not only does size matter but issues such as difficulty in bending knees are also vital factors to consider when deciding to purchase either a standing or sitting stairlift.

Stairlift Capacity

When searching for the most suitable stairlift, stairlift capacity plays a vital role. It is important to evaluate the size of the person who will be using the stairlift, in terms of both the area of the stairlift and the amount of weight it can support. An average stairlift is usually built to support weight up to three hundred pounds. Therefore, if you are purchasing a stairlift for a larger person, make sure to know beforehand, the weight and width that the Stairlift can support.

When purchasing or renting a stairlift, something that is permanent or semi-permanent, it is important to familiarize yourself with all types of products available in order to make a well-informed decision, that later will not lead to any regrets. Familiarizing yourself with all the important factors that affect the type of stairlift you will purchase is the most effective and reliable way of purchasing the stairlift that is most suited for you.

Furkan Sharif
Furkan Sharif

Furkan is the founder of Britannia Mobility. He has over 12 years experience of working in the mobility aids sector, and is passionate about researching ways in which people can live longer and more independently own their own homes.

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