A Stairlift is a mechanical chair or platform that is attached to, as the name indicates, stairs, using a railing. Stairlifts serve the purpose of creating an easy channel of moving up and down the stairs, for those who may be suffering from some form of physical disability or for senior citizens. Now, if you have already installed a Stairlift in your home and are now wondering about all the safety measures that you should be taking for your children, then look no further. There is always an impending possibility of injury when using mechanical products, including stairlifts, which is why it is essential to take safety measures when there are children present. Here all the essential safety measures that you should take after installing a stairlift.

Foldable Seats

For every safety measure, it is essential for us to first understand the nature of children. Children are known to be care-free individuals who may not understand the concept of negative consequences, which is why as adults, we must take the necessary safety measures. The first step of this safety measure is to purchase a stairlift that features a foldable seat. As the size of a stairlift is quite substantial, it can cover quite a large area of the stairs. While we may understand the dangerous implications of this, children may not. After the stairlift has been used, the seat of the stairlift should be folded so as to not get in the way of those who use the stairs frequently. This protects children from tripping on the stairs or from any other type of accident.

Carry One Person At A Time

It is common knowledge or at least should be that a stairlift can only carry one person up and down the stairs, at a time. This is due to the fact that every stairlift can only support a specified range of weight. This is why it is essential for all stairlift users to uphold this rule. Children may not understand the reality behind the purpose of the stairlift and may perceive it to be some kind of ride, which is why the individual who is using the stairlift should not, under any circumstance, allow a child to sit with them when they are using the lift. If they do, breaking this rule can lead to severe accidents that can cause harm to both the child as well as the adult.


As we have mentioned before, a stairlift is used by those who suffer from a physical disability or by senior citizens. There are many homes in which a stairlift may have been installed for a child thus, this safety measure is for all those who relate to this situation. If your stairlift is being used by a child, a buckle is essential as it ensures that the child has been properly strapped in, so that there is no possibility of the child falling off the stairlift.

When installing mechanical devices in your home, particularly with children present, taking safety measures is vital. Precaution and prevention are always better than allowing accidents to happen, no matter how minor.

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