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The eFOLDi Lite is the lightest and most compact folding powered scooter of its type in the World. It transforms from a powered scooter to a wheeled suitcase in seconds, travels at up to 4mph, and has a range of 14 miles. Designed in the UK and made from the very highest quality materials, the eFOLDi Lite will let you rediscover your freedom – it is simply brilliant!

“eFOLDi is a folding magic, fantastic invention! Simply brilliant!” – Sir Richard Branson

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✔ Only 15kg with battery - the World's lightest, most compact folding scooter

✔ Only 13kg without battery

✔ Folds and unfolds in seconds

✔ 14mile range - 4mph top speed

✔ Load limit 19st

✔ Electromagnetic brake

✔ Easily fits in car boot

✔ British design

✔ Patented folding technology

✔ 4-point balancing system for added stability

✔ Advanced Lithium-ion battery

✔ Fully integrated SuperPower brushless aluminium motor

✔ Top-quality magnesium components

✔ Full UK warranty and support network

✔ 3 months of free insurance

The eFOLDi Lite is a unique, high quality collapsible electric scooter, which combines the durability and range of a mobile vehicle with an innovative light-weight design of an urban transporter. Engineered with one mission, to help everyone enjoy their travelling!

Equipped with the Lightweight Pro Li-ion battery, SuperPower brushless motor and Magnesium components, the ingeniously designed eFOLDi Lite weighs only 15kg, and can be neatly folded to a wheeled suitcase shape to be packed into a car boot or taken onto public transport, on cruises, aeroplanes and beyond. It can easily be stored indoors due to its incredibly small size when folded.

With the complete peace of mind that you are buying a British product from a UK company with full after-sales support and servicing, you can be confident of many years enjoyment from your eFOLDi.

  • The battery pack is designed for long-range, weighs 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds), and can take you up to 22 kilometres (14 miles) on a full charge.

* If you are physically challenged and use your eFOLDi as a mobility vehicle, you are allowed to bring the battery (24V, 10Ah) on board. Please always check with the airlines you are flying with, as different airlines do have their own handling procedures.

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