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Powered Wheelchairs Throughout UK

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Electric Wheelchairs for Sale Nationwide

Britannia Mobility provides state-of-the-art, affordable powered wheelchairs throughout the UK. Rather than a scooter, this product may be more suitable for you and your needs. If you need to stay in your wheelchair most of the day or have restricted mobility in your arms and hands that prevent you from operating a standard wheelchair, powered wheelchairs can help. Our standard powered wheelchairs have comfortable seats and intuitive controls.

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Our Range of Electric Wheelchairs

efoldi powerchair

The eFOLDI Chair

The eFOLDi Powerchair is the lightest, most compact power wheelchair in its class. Weighing only 15kg and fully airline compliant, it also has an easy to use manual set-up and fold operation. Making life simple with both user and attendant control, the eFOLDi Powerchair is the perfect travel companion.

The Power Chair is made from the highest quality materials, including an aluminium frame, brushless motors and 2 x 5AH advanced Lithium-ion batteries giving an impressive 12-mile range. It also has a carrying capacity of 135kg/297lbs and comes with a high-quality charger. You can easily fit it into your car boot or cupboard for quick and simple storage out of the way. The advanced brushless motors and top-quality auto-forged aluminium components reduce the risk of stalling and breakdowns. On top of that, it comes backed with a full UK warranty and support network.

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Custom-Built Powered Wheelchairs

Not finding what you need in our inventory? We can work together to custom build an electric wheelchair unique to your needs. Everyone is different, requiring a personal touch to their everyday mobility. Whatever requirements you need, we can work to find a solution. Our dealers can custom-tailor a powered wheelchair with all types of adaptions and modifications to help. Modern technology and fabrication have made it easier and more open than ever to build a wheelchair that fits your needs and lifestyle. Contact us today to get started. We’ll chat about your needs in an electric wheelchair and how we can meet them for you.

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Finding the Right Wheelchair for You

At Britannia Mobility, we’re here for you. Our team will work with you, your needs, and your budget to find the perfect match. There are plenty of options available and ways to adapt electric chairs to your needs. Schedule an appointment with our helpful team today. There are plenty of adaptions, accessories, and extras available as well. These include storage covers, baskets, storage units, ramps, crutch holders, cup holders, horns, and even modifications to prevent the scooter from reaching certain speeds. The options are nearly unlimited. We enjoy working with new and return clients to find solutions for them to easily get around. We’ll discuss your mobility setbacks, your lifestyle, and find a solution that lets you make the most out of your mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an electric wheelchair on the NHS?

Same as above.

How much does a powered wheelchair cost?

Depending on the quality from £1800 to £2000

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