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Experts estimate that back pain is felt by almost 80% of the global population at some time in their lives. According to research Back pain is the third most common reason for visits to the doctor's office. These studies are causing a lot of concern, as people suffering from back-related issues have problems with mobility. People suffer back pain because of accidents, injuries, and old age but recent research studies indicate a direct connection between back pains with unhealthy diets and lack of exercise. We will through this blog guide you over how to How to Relieve Back Pain through Exercise and Organic Food so that mobility can be boosted.

How can exercise relieve back Pain?

Research shows that incorrect exercises or not exercising enough can lead to back pain, as your back muscles are not strong enough or your back position is not stable enough.

Using exercises to relieve back pain is very tricking and has to be used with caution, as overburdening you're already hurt back can intensify the pain. So we propose some exercises that can help in back pain relief

1. Try Partial crunches

Lie with bend knees and flat feet on the floor, put your arms on your neck and lift your shoulders from the floor. Then breathe in and out for 8-10 times. This exercise can strengthen your back muscle.

2. Hamstring stretches

In this exercise you have to lie on your floor mat, loop a towel on the palm of your foot. Then strengthen your knee and slowly pull the towel back. Do it for 2-4 times on each leg. This exercise helps in stabilising your backs position

3. Wall-sits

This is similar to sit-ups but for this exercise you have to lean against the wall and then slide down until your knees are bent. Do this for 8-12 times. The best thing about this exercise is that because you are leaning against a wall, it does burden your back.

How can organic food relieve back Pain?

We are all aware of the fact as to how important food and a healthy diet is to fitness. According to doctors the foremost reason why we get any disease is because of our eating habits. The same goes for back pain. Many foods increase or reduce inflammation in your body causing back pain. Therefore anti-inflammatory diet will help you fight out back pain. Below are some examples of you can use organic foods to relieve back pain.

1. Use plant-based diet

In this diet you can consume things made up of chia seeds and flax, they can be taken with fish such as tuna and salmon. Also you can use green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, as they have anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Consume correct intake of calcium's

Most back pain is caused by weak bone muscles, which are caused by a lack of calcium as the bone is the body's calcium reservoir. To get the calcium you should consume Yogurt, milk, and cheese.

3. Bring fruits in your diet

Vitamin C is critical for your body as it holds the body and ensures the formation of tissues. An appropriate level of vitamin c intake can heal injured muscles, tendons, ligaments, and intervertebral discs. You can get Vitamin C from Strawberries, kiwi, and citrus fruits (oranges and guavas).

Final Word

A healthy diet and exercise are both very important to relieve back pain and boost mobility. A healthy diet will ensure that bones of your back are strengthened, your body has enough anti-inflammatory to fight off back pain and an adequate level of vitamin c can heal your back problems. Exercise on the other hand has to be used by modifying the traditional exercises so that pain does not intensify, it must be ensured that extra burden is not put on the back muscle.

Furkan Sharif
Furkan Sharif

Furkan is the founder of Britannia Mobility. He has over 12 years experience of working in the mobility aids sector, and is passionate about researching ways in which people can live longer and more independently own their own homes.

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