A home lift is a specialised and mechanical product which is the ideal product for senior citizens and for those who may be suffering from a physical disability. A home lift is much more convenient to install than stairlifts, in homes that have multiple storeys, as installing and mounting an individual stairlift on each staircase can be quite costly and time-consuming. These home lifts do not take up a lot of space. However, their convenient size does not imply that they do not need regular maintenance. All mechanical products, specifically products which cater to those who severely need it, must be maintained regularly. Following are all the ways of maintaining your home lift.

Washed Windows

The structure of most home lifts is such that the walls are made of glass windows or even panels. Over time, these windows can accumulate finger or handprints, dust, and more, which is why cleaning the home lift’s window, on a fortnightly basis, is important. It does not take much to keep the glass windows or panels clean. The only equipment that you will need is a soft cloth to clean with and a liquid window cleaner. With just five minutes of cleaning, you can easily get rid of all marks as well as any bacteria that may have accumulated on the glass windows or panels. It is important to note that both the inside and outside of the windows must be cleaned.

Clean The Floors

The main aspect of maintenance is to always keep the item clean, which is why the floors of your home lift must also be cleaned. Every home lift is as tall as each storey of the house, in which the users of the lift mainly stand or sit. This can cause the floors to accumulate the dirt that may exist on the user’s shoes, which in turn can cause the floor of the lift to become unhygienic. In order to maintain the lift’s cleanliness, the floors of the lift should either be vacuumed or mopped, on a weekly basis. If you are using a mop to clean the floor, make sure to use a disinfectant spray first.

Clean The Handles And Railings

Many individuals, who use public lifts and elevators, avoid touching its handles and railings. Your home lift, no matter how exclusive, should have the same concept behind it. While one cannot control the cleanliness of a public lift, the cleanliness of a home lift is very easy to control. Even though home lifts assist those who suffer from disabilities or old age, it is not uncommon to see those who live in the house using the home lift as well. This is why it is essential to clean all the handles and railings, on a weekly basis. You can use a cloth and antibacterial spray to clean these items of the lift.

All home lifts need to be replaced after approximately twenty or thirty years and its repairs, to maintain functional integrity, should be done by professionals. However, it is important for the owners to do their part and maintaining hygiene is the best way to do that.

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