Do you have any senior citizens at home, such as grandparents, who are facing issues with mobility? If yes, then you must buy a mobility scooter for them so that they would be able to live with ease and comfort, having less dependency on others. A mobility scooter is electrically operated, and the elderly can use it without a license as well. But if you are planning to buy a mobility scooter, will you be able to meet its costs?

The price of a mobility scooter is supposed to be different for every brand; some might be available at reasonable prices while others may be highly expensive. You can choose any as per your affordability and also according to the features you prefer the mobility scooter to have in it. If you are buying a brand new mobility scooter, there will be a lot of questions popping in your mind. You are liable to make a wise decision though, by having a look at prices and specifications of the scooters offered by various companies.

Prices in 2020:

According to the current market, mobility scooters can cost as low as 600-700 pounds and as high as 7000 pounds. It depends on your preferences or what type of mobility scooter do you want to have. There are various features and specifications which can cause the prices of the scooters to elevate or decline. If you want the scooter to be equipped with your desired specifications, you are likely to pay high costs for that.

How Much Do Mobility Scooters Cost In 2020

Classes for Mobility Scooters:

If you are buying a scooter, you will come across two of the main categories: Class two scooters and Class three scooters. They differ in sizes, and they have different prices too. Class two mobility scooters generally have lower prices as compared to the class three scooters. You can buy a class two scooter within a price range of 600-2000 pounds. A class three mobility scooter can be expensive; it will cost a minimum of 2000 pounds and can be as much as 5000 pounds. Also, it can be operated at high speeds as well.


The mobility scooter which weighs less is comparatively cheaper than the heavy one. The lightly weighted scooters can be bought within a price range of 700 pounds to 2000 pounds, as per the specifications of the scooter.

Ability to Fold:

The mobility scooters which can be folded easily are more expensive than the ordinary ones because of a few more additional features which are not found in the ordinary ones. A button is available which causes the scooter to fold. It costs around 2500 pounds.


At Britannia Mobility, you can find a range of products which are highly specialised and according to your affordability. The products offered by this company in the UK are extremely reliable and the services provided by their team meets the expectations of the customers fully. Britannia Mobility offers you with well-designed Mobility Scooters having amazing features. These are manufactured to make the elderly and disabled ones cope up with their mobility issues. They keep in mind that all your requirements are being met ensuring safety measures as well.

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