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Mobility scooters are a life changer for the elderly and people with disabilities. It has made it convenient for them to travel long distances and reach places they couldn’t before. Mobility scooters are allowed on planes and public transportation as well, making it super easy for people with mobility problems to travel far and wide. 

You don’t need a license to ride a mobility scooter and they are legal on the road as well. In recent times, many people, especially in the UK have switched to mobility scooters to make their lives easier. If you also have mobility problems then you need to decide if you want to get a standard mobility scooter or a foldable mobility scooter.

Standard mobility scooter

A standard mobility scooter is electric and so it is powered by a battery. It consists of a seat with a flat surface where you can place your feet. It also has handlebars to steer your scooter.

It is useful to people who have conditions that lead to their body being somewhat disabled to drive an actual car. Someone with arthritis issues, lung, obesity or even coronary problems can make use of this device. 

There is a various range of designs you can choose from, however, do keep in mind that mobility scooters are not for comfort but easy travelling. There is also a limit to which you can go and usually the radius is enough to travel long distances but not too much.

Foldable mobility scooter

More and more people are opting for foldable mobility scooters as they are easy to carry everywhere. They are very lightweight but don’t be fooled they still have stability, durability and top-notch power quality.

The folding option makes it more convenient for you to assist yourself and it does not take any effort to fold or unfold it. They are portable and so you can even take them on the plane and on vacation with you, making it easier for you to get around in another country or city. 

One thing to keep in mind is that if you want comfort as well, then you will have to find a foldable mobility scooter that has extra padding on the seat. Usually, foldable models don’t provide seat comfort as they add extra weight.  

Plus if you have to travel a long distance then it is important to have some level of comfort to make your journey smooth.

The verdict – Which one is better?

It comes down to why you need a mobility scooter. If you can still drive a car but have other mobility issues then you can go for the foldable option as it is mostly meant for short distances. 

However, if your disability hinders you to drive a car and you can’t get around then you should go for the standard option as it provides comfort and it can go long distances. 

We deal with all kinds of mobility scooters and our products are made keeping every need of the sick and elderly in mind. Before reaching a conclusive decision visit our mobility scooter’s shop and see our collection.

Furkan Sharif
Furkan Sharif

Furkan is the founder of Britannia Mobility. He has over 12 years experience of working in the mobility aids sector, and is passionate about researching ways in which people can live longer and more independently own their own homes.

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