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The Aurora homelift is a fully enclosed through-the-floor lift suitable for both wheelchair and able-bodied users. Available in three sizes to accommodate different needs.

For a stylish and practical alternative to a stairlift, the Aurora homelift is easy to operate with in-car and wireless landing controls. It can be equipped with safety features including an in-car emergency phone to give you peace of mind during travel. Further options include a seat for users who prefer to travel while sitting down and a powered door making the lift easier to use. All our homelifts can be parked upstairs or downstairs when not in use, completely sealed, safe to walk over and reinstated with the flooring.

Optional Features:

– Wide range of finishes
– In-car communications
– Power operated door

Standard Features

– Space-saving design – no side posts
– Fits almost anywhere
– Whisper quiet
– Easy to use
– Level access
– Safety features
– British Standards compliant
– Suitable for wheelchair and passenger use
– Hard-wired smoke alarms
– Minimal building work
– Wireless controls

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